A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"The concept of absurdity is something I'm very attracted to." 

- David Lynch 

David Lynch, filmmaker, artist, and musician, has not made a video game. He certainly did not make this video game. If he were to make one, however, maybe it would be something like this complete conceptual and artistic mess. 

In this game you traverse a series of horror scenes directly indebted to Lynch films and artworks cobbled together in an incoherent fever dream. In this world, 'Lynch' is struggling to rebuild his creative world / abstract psychological state and he needs your help.  Only you can traverse the inane dreamscape of Lynch's creations and make some sense of the terrible things that are about to be unleashed. But beware: not all is as it seems.

This game contains lots of tense horror scenes and loud jump scares.


Version History

v1.0.1 (2018/12/20)

  • Fix for certain high DPI displays.
  • Added macOS version.

v1.0.0 (2018/12/17)

  • Initial release
Caveware Digital
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsSCREAM CATALOGUE, Caveware Digital
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, Godot, Horror, Retro, Surreal, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Twitter


Windows Version (v1.0.1) 32 MB
Linux Version (v1.0.1) 27 MB
macOS Version (v1.0.1) 45 MB

Development log


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Did something happen to Charmles?
I participated in one of his game jams and this was the only thing that he had attached to his itch.io profile, everything else was deleted. 

He decided to end his jams. He's doing fine (as said by Caveware Digital).

I have created a group called I Can't Game which is just continuing his work and we are making an tribute/honor to him. Checkout my latest jam and you will see what I am talking about.

Thanks! I am glad that he is doing well!

Bizarre, endearing, and (surprisingly) both dreary and lighthearted. If you are still interested, please consider making some sort of continuation! :)

  1. Hi! Very good game! I want more! Will you make new game soon?

The game is interesting. I really like the idea on how each painting is effectively a minigame.

In any case, here's my channel if you want to see other games I played.


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I have a problem when I click on a box to go to a level the game freezes on the loading screen and I have to close it

I have the same problem, don't know what to do,tried to reinstall the game a few times 

How to save a game progress?

Unfortunately at this stage there is no save function in the game. However, the game isn't long - it should take about 30 min to complete. Sorry! 

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It's not a problem, because I completed this game. And it's great.
Want to see more challenges with such a great atmosphere...


Really enjoying it even if I'm not familiar with David Lynch's stuff

Thanks so much for the LP! Big fan of the commentary and jokes on this one. Not sure if the game is more or less weird not knowing Lynch's works but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Everything Lynch is strange, I'd presume so even for fans of his xD But I like weird, so that's all well and good :p

Hi - downloaded and installed the game (macOS), get past the first couple of "click to start" screens, then just get a black screen with an endlessly spinning cube icon... Any ideas what's up?

Same with me.

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Hey! Try moving around with WASD and clicking to interact - it's not a splash screen, by that point, you're 'in' the game world, so to speak.  It's a little confusing!

Hey! Try moving around with WASD and clicking to interact - it's not a splash screen, by that point, you're 'in' the game world, so to speak.  It's a little confusing!

Strange... I've clicked basically everywhere on that screen, and nothing! I've re-downloaded several times and always the same issue.

You start far away from the Lynch cube. Try walking towards him until the UI displays his name. If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll look into it!

Ah got it, sorry for the confusion... The game is great!

Haha thanks! No worries for the confusion - I've seen that question come up a few times.

Hello! I install the game and it fell in gallery. Dont work any of Paintings. The message after that - GODOT ENGINE EDITOR dont answer. I have 64 Windows 7. Please help!

I've downloaded the game but the aspect ratio seems to be incorrect leaving the dialogue cut off and unreadable. I'm playing on a windows surface from a few years ago, is there any quick fix or way around this?

Hi! This should be fixed now, please let us know if it isn't!

Same issue for me, on a 13" screen.

Oh that's weird. Could you perhaps email a screenshot or two to mail@caveware.digital so we can have a closer look? Thank you.

Everything appears to be looking good thanks for updating this so quickly!

I passed this on to the head of the David Lynch Foundation. Don't know if David Lynch will ever look at it, but you never know.

Haha how did you do this? Thank you though!

Where da freak is the game?

It's here now!